Here are some Sabbath related sermons:


Protestants claim to base their doctrines on the Bible. ‘Sola Scriptura’ (Latin for ‘Bible Alone’) was the official rallying cry of the Martin Luther’s Reformation movement. Yet, Roman Catholics and others have noted that Protestants have many practices, such as Sunday, oaths, and baptismal matters, that were adopted out of tradition. Even Harvard Protestant scholar Harold Brown wrote that Lutherans learned “the usefulness of tradition” when encountering doctrines based upon the appeal to the Bible alone. Does the Continuing Church of God or Protestantism better abide by ‘sola scriptura’? What about Saturday, Sunday, Holy Days, and Holidays? What did Martin Luther King, Jr. teach about Mithraism, Sunday, Christmas, and other doctrines. Does truth in worship matter? Can the truth be known? Did Paul write praises of imitating the Churches of God that were in Judea? What were some of their practices? What about unclean meats? Are Christians to do what Jesus said? What have Chris and Kerry Shock taught about the importance of keeping the Sabbath? Do Protestant scholars teach that both Jews and Gentiles kept the Sabbath? What about in the Celtic regions such as the British Isles (including Ireland)? Did Polycarp of Smyrna and Theophilus of Antioch keep the Sabbath? Are there Protestant mistranslations of Hebrews 4:9, Colossians 2:16-17, and Galatians 4:8-10 that have confused Protestants?

Here is a link to the sermon video: Scripture vs. Tradition, Sabbath vs. Sunday.


Can you keep the Sabbath and your job?

Some have said, “I’d like to keep the Sabbath, but I can’t. I have to work on Saturday.” Is it possible to keep your job and keep the Sabbath (and the other Holy Days)? What about getting a college or university degree? How should you approach your boss or teachers about the Sabbath? What is “reasonable accommodation’? What about working on the Sabbath during the ‘busy season’? How should you act? What about the example of Joseph? Should you obey God rather than men? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues as well as relates various personal and family experiences related to keeping the Sabbath and earning degrees while also being a Sabbath keeper.

Here is a link to our sermonette titled: Can you keep the Sabbath and your job? What about college?


What day do reco-Roman Catholic scholars teach is the biblical Sabbath: Saturday or Sunday? Many may be surprised by the answer. This sermon is primarily based on Catholic writings and the Bible, both of which confirm the same day as the biblical Sabbath. The Greco-Roman Catholic sources go over issues from the Protestant Reformation in the 1500s to present. They further discuss whether they or the Protestants rely on scripture alone or tradition and scripture. Dr. Thiel goes over New Testament scriptures on that and the Sabbath. Roman Catholic sources, like ‘The Catholic Mirror,” also mention the Seventh-day Adventists, but did not mention the Church of God. Is the Saturday Sabbath something restored by the Seventh-day Adventists or has it been kept by the Church of God since Acts 2? Is Sunday the ‘day of the Lord’ or does the ‘day of the Lord’ have to do with events in the Book of Revelation? These and other issues are addressed.

Here is a link to the sermon: Catholic teachings on the Sabbath, Sunday, and Protestantism.


In 1708, Sabbatarian Church of God leader John Maudin, wrote a book titled “The pious Young Man Guide: Or a Compendium and Useful Catechism for Children, and All Young Persons” under the pen name Philotheos (lover of God). It is a discussion between a father and son on why to live according to God’s ways and some of how to do so. It also includes warnings about those who claim to teach according to scripture, but instead are deceivers. Listening to Jesus, repentance, the purpose of life, supporting the work, the Ten Commandments, and other matters are discussed. Dr. Thiel also quotes many scriptures that were in or pointed to in this 18th century writing which shows continuity over the past three-plus centuries (Dr. Thiel accidentally stated four centuries in the message–but did point to 1708; whereas it was the Sardis era began just over three centuries ago).

Here is a link to the sermon: 1708 Message for All Young Persons.


The Christian Sabbath and How and Why to Keep It

Which day is the Christian Sabbath? Does the New Testament even teach that there is a Sabbath-rest for the people of God? What day did Jesus say that He was Lord of. Have many been misled by mistranslations and improper traditions? What does the Bible actually teach about this? What day did the Apostle Paul keep? What is taught about Sunday? What does the Bible teach about the seventh-day? What did Cardinal Gibbon’s teach? How can one keep the Sabbath? What should and should not be done on the Sabbath? Should you risk your job by keeping the Sabbath? How do you keep the Sabbath? Dr. Thiel addresses these questions and more.

Here is a link to the sermon: The Christian Sabbath and How and Why to Keep It.


What were early church services like? Were they mainly focused on entertainment or scriptural messages? Were they like musical concerts or time to learn from the word of God? Did early Protestants condemn the bishops of Rome for changing the day of the Sabbath to Sunday? Did early Protestants end up proving to Roman Catholics that they did not believe in ‘sola Scriptura’ because of the Sabbath? What about the plan of God? Did early Christians teach the Platonic view that their goal was to attain to a ‘beatific vision’? Is the purpose of humanity mainly to give glory to God? Does the Protestant message miss why God made anything and why God made humans? What did Justin Martyr teach about going to heaven upon death? Is heaven the reward of the saved? Did Mithraism believe that? What did early Christians teach according N.T. Wright and Christopher Morse? What about the influence of Emperor Constantine? What is the state of the dead? Is soul sleep only an Old Testament concept that Christians should not accept? What were the three doctrines that A.N. Dugger said were unique to the Church of God that he felt no Protestant group actually held to? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and more in this sermon related to how the Continuing Church of God differs from Protestantism.

Here is a link to the sermon video: Church Services, Sunday, Heaven, and God’s Plan.


Sunday: First and Eighth Day?

Where did Sunday come from?  What do all the scriptures in the New Testament say about the ‘first day of the week’?  What does ogdoad mean?  Did early Greco-Roman writers write about that and tie it in with Sunday?  Was Valentinus, who promoted the ogdoad, condemned by Church of God leader Polycarp of Smyrna? Why do Protestants keep Sunday? Why do Protestants, Eastern Orthodox, and Roman Catholics consider Sunday the eighth day?  Did Plato have anything to do with it?  What about Emperor Constantine and his ‘visions’/apparitions?  Which was the ‘Lord’s Day’ for the sun god Mithras? What day do Catholic and other leaders say is the Sabbath?  Dr. Thiel reads and discusses all the ‘first day of the week’ passages in the Bible.

Here is a link to the sermon: Sunday: First and Eighth Day?


Although Seventh Day Baptists (SDBs), Seventh-day Adventist (SDAs), and Messianic Jews keep some version of the seventh day Sabbath, are they Protestant or Church of God. What do they claim? What do they teach? What do SDAs and Messianic Jews teach about their history? Do SDBs cite groups who held Church of God (COG) and not SDB doctrines? Which group teaches the original biblical Christian faith? How do the SDAs, Messianics, and SDBs agree with Protestants on issues such as salvation, history, and the Godhead, which differ greatly from the Continuing Church of God (CCOG)? Are there really 613 laws of the Torah? Are the 613 mist What are 28 ways the SDBs differ from the CCOG? Are ‘Black Israelites’ right about Jesus being a black African? Was the Day of Atonement on October 22, 1844 according to Rabbinical or Karaite Jews? Did the SDAs or COG come out of the Millerite movement? Did Ellen White make false prophecies that she insisted came from God? If so, what were some of them? Did the SDA church send out literature it knew was clearly wrong? Was Ellen G. White’s sanctuary interpretation the “complete system of truth”? Did SDAs once teach crosses were pagan, but now include them in their official logo? Which of the 4 churches (SDB,SDA, Messianic, CCOG) doctrines have the most biblical and historical support? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and more.

Here is a link to the sermon video: Seventh Day Baptists/Adventists/Messianics: Protestant or COG?

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